Venture Central – a Digital Home for South Africa’s Entrepreneurs

South Africa’s entrepreneurs need a home – a centralised national portal that aggregates all the resources. This is Simodisa’s new Venture Central.

Now more than ever has there been a greater emphasis on entrepreneurship, its impact and its ability to contribute significantly towards creating jobs and growing our economy.  However, the current South African entrepreneurship ecosystem is facing significant challenges.

Significantly rising unemployment, regulatory constraints, skills deficit, access to markets and access to funding represent some of the main challenges confronting existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The online information space that caters to SMEs is highly fragmented. There are hundreds of thousands of sites offering information on the topic of ‘starting a businesses’.

SiMODiSA has launched Venture Central, a single, comprehensive national SME portal that aggregates all the resources that share information, industry related content, opportunities, networks, access to funding, access to market information and links, for high impact high growth SMEs in South Africa.

This is an entrepreneurial community based platform with curated content from the ecosystem. Various organisations and entrepreneurial supporters will be able to feed information, opportunities and important links into the portal. The portal will be managed, monitored and regularly updated for the latest tools, resources, events, workspaces and trends in the various industries.

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